Co-leader of Green Party to visit the region in support of anti-fracking protestors

Jonathan Bartley Credit: PA

Co-leader of the Green Party, Jonathan Bartley will visit Kirby Misperton in support of anti-fracking protestors.

Permission to frack has been granted to Third Energy.

The company wants to begin frackingby the end of the year.

However the plans have faced major opposition from environmental campaigners.

What is Fracking?

  • Fracking is a technique used to drill for deposits of fossil fuels that cannot be extracted by conventional means.
  • It involves pumping fluids into rocks at such high pressures they fracture, releasing the gas or oil locked inside.
  • Critics say the process is disastrous for the environment, leading to pollution of ground water and even triggering earthquakes.
  • Britain is thought to have large deposits of shale gas that can be exploited by using the method.