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Four years since 'Thunder Thursday'

Lightning striking Tyne Bridge Credit: Marc Burton

It's four years to the day since 'Thunder Thursday'.

Torrential rain and thunder storms meant on this day in 2012 commuters had a tricky journey home after roads were left flooded and grid locked.

Flooding closed the Tyne Tunnel, left over 23,000 homes without power and trains north of Newcastle were cancelled after a landslide on the East Coast Mainline.

Newcastle's Central Motorway under water Credit: Ben Towell



Severe weather warning for rain on Saturday

Tynemouth beach Credit: PA

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for the North East for Saturday.

Showers are expected to break out later in morning and become heavy, thundery and slow-moving during the afternoon.

There is a risk of localised surface water flooding, especially where they affect urban areas.

The showers will slowly die out through the evening.

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