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Weather: Tuesday

Credit: David Thompson

Staying breezy on Tuesday with scattered showers through the day, especially in the west.

Some east coastal districts may become mostly dry by late morning with some brighter interludes developing.

Maximum Temperature 7°C.


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Weather: Temperatures picking up

This weekend gave us a sudden blast of winter with cold winds from the north meaning that temperatures hovered at around freezing.

The Jet Stream has spent the last few days to the south of the UK - allowing the colder air in.

But it is on the move. Through this week the Jet Stream is moving back to the north allowing milder air to move in- picking temperatures back up to average for November.


Weather: Today

After a frosty, bright start, temperatures will slowly recover through the morning.

Becoming breezier with cloud soon spilling down from the north and some rain from early afternoon which will last through to the end of the day.

Maximum Temperature 7°C.

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