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Northumberland MP to question Foreign Office over Ashington man's return from India

Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery (pictured) is due to question the foreign office over Nick Dunn's fight to return home Credit: John Stilwell/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A Northumberland MP is to question the Foreign Office over their role in the fight to bring a former paratrooper home from India.

Nick Dunn, 28, from Ashington, had been working as a security guard in the country when he held along with five other men on weapons offences in 2013. The charges have since been dropped but his passport has been withheld whilst police challenge the decision.

Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery is due to question the Foreign Office in Parliament today over communications with Indian authorities.

Nick Dunn, 28, has been detained in India since October 2013

Middlesbrough woman named as Northallerton crash victim

Stacey Callaghan, 30, died in a crash near Hornsby on June 7 Credit: Callaghan Family

Police have identified a woman who died in a crash in Northallerton as Stacey Callaghan.

The 30-year-old, from Ormesby in Middlesbrough, died when the silver Ford Ka she was travelling in left the road and crashed into a telegraph pole on the B1264 near Hornby at around 3:54am on June 7.

Officers have arrested a man in his thirties in connection with the incident. He is currently in police custody for questioning.

Any witnesses are being asked to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.


Biker killed in County Durham crash

A motorcyclist has died after his bike left the road and crashed in County Durham.

The incident happened on Middridge Road near Rushyford at around 1:50pm yesterday. A local man, thought to be in his 50s, lost control of his Triumph 675cc motorbike and collided with a fence and some trees.

The rider was confirmed dead at the scene. Police have confirmed his name will be released once all family members have been informed.

Any witnesses are asked to contact Durham Police on 101.

Transporter Bridge closed to vehicles for two months

The iconic bridge is closed to allow for work to protect hundreds of homes for flooding. Credit: PA

Teesside's Transporter Bridge is set to be closed to vehicles for up to two months as work to protect hundreds of homes in Port Clarence from the threat of flooding continues.

The iconic bridge will be closed to all road vehicles from today (Monday 8 June) but will remain open for walkers and cyclists.

Dinosaur find in Whitby is UK's oldest

The dinosaur bone will go on display next week Credit: ITV

Experts say they have identified Britain's oldest sauropod dinosaur from a fossil bone discovered on the North Yorkshire coast. The backbone originates from a group of dinosaurs that includes the largest land animals to have ever walked on Earth.

The dinosaur bone from the Middle Jurassic Period at about 176 million years old was found on a beach at Whitby after it fell out of a cliff face. It represents the earliest skeletal record of this type of dinosaur from the United Kingdom and adds to existing evidence from Yorkshire dinosaur tracks that this part of the country was once Britain's very own "Jurassic World", say researchers at the University of Manchester.

Sauropods - often referred to as brontosaurs - include some of the largest plant-eating dinosaurs to have roamed the Earth and were a successful group for nearly 150 million years. They possessed distinctive long necks and tails, small heads, a large body and walked on all fours. Some species such as the Argentinosaurus grew up to 115ft long and possibly weighed as much as 80 tonnes. The fossil is said to be an extremely rare find, given the Middle Jurassic rocks of the world are only exposed in a few areas such as China and Argentina where similar-aged dinosaur fossils originate.

Professor Phil Manning and his team from the University of Manchester used X-ray tomography to study the fossil bone, which is now held in the collections at the Yorkshire Museum in York.

Prof Manning said: "Many scientists have worked on the amazing dinosaur tracks from the Middle Jurassic rocks of Yorkshire. "It was a splendid surprise to come face-to-face with a fossil vertebra from the Jurassic rocks of Yorkshire that was clearly from a sauropod dinosaur. This fossil offers the earliest 'body fossil' evidence for this important group of dinosaurs in the United Kingdom but it is impossible to define a new species based upon this single bone."

Until more bones are discovered the team have simply nicknamed Britain's oldest sauropod dinosaur Alan, after the finder of this prehistoric giant, Alan Gurr.

Sarah King, curator of natural science at the Yorkshire Museum, said: "We have some of the best examples of fossils from the area in our collections and we are delighted to be able to display the vertebra of Britain's oldest sauropod alongside them for the public to enjoy."

The vertebra will be on show at the Yorkshire Museum from June 8.


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