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Steven Gerrard's cousin remembered at Hillsborough inquests

Jon-Paul Gilhooley from Liverpool was Steven Gerrard’s cousin and, aged 10, was the youngest to die at Hillsborough in 1989.

A pen portrait of Jon-Paul was read out by family members saying that he "was our world."

(File photo) Jon-Paul Gilhooley. Credit: ITV News

Read on her behalf by his cousins Paula Kadiri and Donna Ridland, the pen portrait by his mother Jacqueline said:

"Jon-Paul loved all his family. When he was 8 he went to a jumble sale and bought small bottles of perfume for me, his two aunties and three cousins.

"He was very loving and affectionate."

Mrs Gilhooley told the jury that after hearing about the Hillsborough Disaster she knew her son wouldn't be coming back:

"I knew before 3.30 on the day of Hillsborough that Jon-Paul was gone.

"Jon-Paul had his life taken away at just 10 years old. He had been denied a chance at fulfilling his life, meeting new friends, getting married, carving out a career and having children.

"To the world Jon-Paul was a football fan, but to us he was our world."

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Cancer charity: Stephen an 'extraordinary person'

The boss of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity says Stephen Sutton is an 'extraordinary person', who has given the charity an 'extraordinary 24 hours', after raising more than £1million.

Siobhan Dunn, the charity's Chief Executive, said they were a relatively small charity that raises £12million each year, but Stephen has managed more than £1million by himself.

She added that Stephen had done all he could to raise funds for the charity, as seven young people a day are diagnosed with cancer.


Reduced Shakespeare at great heights

The Reduced Shakespeare Company attempt a record-breaking performance on board an Easyjet flight
The Reduced Shakespeare Company attempt a record-breaking performance Credit: PA Images

The Reduced Shakespeare Company is thought to have set a new world record after its actors performed an abridged version of the playwright's works at more than 37,000ft.

Actors Simon Cole, 38, Gary Fannin, 45, and William Meredith, 40, began with a 12-minute performance of Romeo and Juliet.

They then charged up and down the length of the plane for the next hour, performing Shakespeare's comedies and tragedies, including Titus Andronicus, Othello, Macbeth, Julius Caesar and Hamlet.

The Bard's plays were performed under the title Shakes on a Plane on a flight from Gatwick to Verona in celebration of the 450th anniversary of his birth.

The troupe is believed to have set a Guinness World Record for the highest theatrical performance, the attempt should be verified within a week.

Stephen Sutton went skydiving just days after surgery

A teenager suffering from terminal cancer has smashed his fundraising target of £1 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust, but item number two on his bucket list was skydiving.

Stephen Sutton got the opportunity just days after an operation in June last year and posted this video for his followers.

He wrote on his YouTube page: "I still can't believe that after having an operation a few days ago and still having a drain in my leg I was actually allowed to jump, but I'm not complaining! It really was an amazing experience and would recommend it to everyone!"

He added: "In my case I've had to wait on the tragedy of cancer to remind me to have a brilliant time, but all you on the other hand have no excuses. That's just one of the messages I want to get across by doing this kind of thing...Life is way too short not to have fun."


Children found dead suffered from spinal muscular atrophy

Three children who were found dead at a house in New Malden suffered from spinal muscular atrophy, Daybreak's Chief Correspondent Richard Gaisford reported.


I understand the three children found dead in S.London all suffered from severe degenerative Spinal Muscular Atrophy

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Relatives of family 'clearly distressed' after discovery

by Ronke Phillips, Senior Correspondent

A neighbour has told ITV London how shortly after the bodies of three children were discovered, two relatives of the family knocked on her door and were clearly very distressed.

Michele Bacchus speaking to ITV London today. Credit: ITV London/Ronke Phillips

"We heard a commotion and we saw lights and four police cars came up and one ambulance and a few other cars," Michele Bacchus said.

"A little while later my partner was outside having a cigarette and two women came up and asked if they could use the lavatory. One was fairly young and very, very upset, she could not speak.

"They were very, very upset. The younger one was in shock, they were both in shock."

Bodies of three children discovered at New Malden address: Latest updates

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