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Man found guilty of shooting police officer

A man has been found guilty of the attempted murder of a police officer in Leeds.

PC Suzanne Hudson was shot in December last year
PC Suzanne Hudson was shot in December last year Credit: West Yorkshire Police

PC Suzanne Hudson was shot at point blank range by James Leslie with a sawn-off shot gun.

She suffered serious injuries to her face, neck and hand. The incident took place after PC Hudson and a colleague went to Leslie's flat in Leeds one night last December.

Leslie is due to be sentenced in October.

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Victim: 'Not enough even if Rolf Harris died in prison'

A victim who gave evidence against Rolf Harris in the case that led to him being jailed for five year and nine month for sex offences has told ITV News that even if the disgraced entertainer died in prison it would not be enough. Her comments come after the Attorney General's office said that his sentence would not be referred to the Court of Appeal for being unduly lenient.

Part of me just wants him to stay in jail and never come out because even if he stayed in jail until he died, it wouldn't make up for the years and years that all the women - not just all the ones that gave evidence but I am sure other ones - have gone through. I think in no way does the sentence reflect the gravity of the crimes.

– Victim

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PICTURES: Eastbourne pier on fire - 8 crews on scene

Eastbourne Pier
Crews are currently dealing with the fire at the pier Credit: @Danielle284_

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service crews are attending an incident on Eastbourne Pier. They were alerted at 15.13 on 30 July 2014 to reports of a small fire - believed to be in wall panelling - in a part of the Pier housing arcade games.

Eastbourne Pier
No one is believed to be injured Credit: @PauloCostaUK

There are no report of injuries. The incident is ongoing.

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