Government has improved mental health care for soldiers

In May 2010 the Government commissioned and actioned the recommendations of 'Fighting Fit' a report that investigated the mental health care provision for soldiers and veterans in the UK. Changes have been made as a result, but critics argue more must be done.

The report recommended:

  • Incorporation of a structured mental health systems enquiry into existing medical examinations performed whilst serving.
  • An uplift in the number of mental health professionals conducting veterans outreach work from Mental Health Trusts in partnership with a leading mental health charity.
  • A Veterans Information Service (VIS) to be deployed 12 months after a person leaves the Armed Forces.
  • Trial of an online early intervention service for serving personnel and veterans.


The Forgotten Fallen?

An ITV News investigation has uncovered fears that not enough is being done for soldiers and veterans who are suffering from mental illness, as a result of the effects of warfare.