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Stalking becomes a crime

Stalking has become a specific criminal offence in England and Wales in a move to improve victims' safety. The government has introduced two new offences: stalking and stalking involving a fear of violence.

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Police welcome new stalking offence

The Association of Chief Police officers have welcomed today's legislation Credit: ACPO

The Association of Chief Police officers have welcomed the government's new legislation on stalking as a "positive step". Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said:

"Proposed new powers of entry to investigate stalking offences were specifically requested by police, and improved training and guidance for both police and prosecutors will play a key part to improving our response to stalking victims."

"The key to protecting victims and alleviating the fear and harm is through everyone taking the issue seriously, through extensive awareness-raising and through improved and effective response to stalking by police officers, the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts and the health service."

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