Archbishop of York praises 'brave' soldiers

The Archbishop of York paid tribute to the UK forces Credit: ITV News

The Archbishop of York said that the six soldiers killed in Afghanistan were doing a "very important job" and that troops should not be pulled out of the war early.

Dr John Sentamu said: "People should go back and remember Britain did not go in there because it decided.

"This was a unanimous vote and mandate that al Qaeda had to be disrupted, that the Taliban were actually treating their women very badly and that you could create towards peace and the only way was actually to go in and disrupt al Qaeda.

"I want to believe myself we've done a lot of disruption in the fact that Osama Bin Laden is no longer posing the same threat now.

"It seems to me that the British soldiers, who in my book are the best, were doing it not just for the UK, people must remember this - they were doing it for the global village."