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Benefit reform poverty threat

The Work and Pensions Secretary has unveiled plans to tackle the issue of young people in poverty.

But Save the Children claims reforms to the welfare system could push 250,000 children of working single parents deeper below the line.

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Duncan Smith: We need to be 'brave' in tackling poverty

The fact is that many vulnerable individuals and families come into regular contact with government agencies throughout their lives.

They will be meeting with health visitors, social workers, school officials and even jobcentre staff. It's at these critical points that we must be more joined up, more brave and offer help to people to turn their lives around.

There is a lot of money being spent on families but it is dysfunctional money that goes to solve only short-term problems. We can't keep allowing endemic problems to be passed on to the next generation."

– Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary

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