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Benefit reform poverty threat

The Work and Pensions Secretary has unveiled plans to tackle the issue of young people in poverty.

But Save the Children claims reforms to the welfare system could push 250,000 children of working single parents deeper below the line.

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Family charity praises government's 'bold' social justice paper

Iain Duncan Smith's new social justice strategy paper has been welcomed by Anne Longfield, chief executive of the charity 4Children, who said that families frequently complained that the system was unable to help when problems first emerged.

We know that the most effective help comes early and should support families to find long term solutions to their problems. The Government's bold strategy which focuses on the prevention of crisis has the potential to make a positive difference to all those families who are struggling.

The publication of the social justice strategy is an important next step in plans to redraw support for families by intervening early and helping them to turnaround their problems and prevent crisis."

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