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Soldiers receive bravery awards

British service men and women have been honoured for their bravery. A total of 131 members of the armed services received honours and awards in the Operation Honours List following tours across the world and incidents at home.

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Soldier awarded the Military Cross for Bravery

A soldier who risked his life to save his comrades in Afghanistan has been awarded the Military Cross for his bravery.Corporal Keith Mitchell, of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, stood in open ground to draw enemy fire away from his comrades in an attack in Pulpalzay, Helmand, in March last year.

Corporal Keith Mitchell of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Credit: Press Association

The 29-year-old abandoned the safety of cover behind a wall and stood up in open ground, so the enemy began firing at him instead.

With rounds raining down on him, he fired three accurate rifle grenades to suppress the enemy position, managing to either destroy or damage their capabilities. Firing ceased immediately allowing the wounded men to be evacuated.

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