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Toulouse siege aftermath

The brother of Mohamed Merah has been charged in connection with the murder of seven people. In Toulouse thousands marched for tolerance.

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Neighbourhood where Toulouse gunmen lived comes to terms with past week

Neighbours and people who grew up with Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah have called for the media not to demonise him as they remember him as just another kid on the block.

But his killing of seven people and his brother's arrest has stirred existing religious tensions in France.

What we're asking today is, honestly, to stop demonising Mohamed. That's it. He's dead. What's the use? He's not going to come back and tell you: 'No I am not like that' or, 'Yes I am like that.' Stop. That's it.

What we also want to say is that we share the grief with all those on this earth who have lost children or people who are dear to them.

We understand them because we're going through the same pain."

– Neighbour and friend of Mohamed Merah

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