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Donor dinner details released

The Conservative Party have published a list of donors who attended a lunch hosted by David Cameron at one of his official residences. The PM announced that the Tory peer and lawyer Lord Gold is to head the party's inquiry into funding.

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Foreign Secretary on ITV1's The Agenda: 'Donors don't get to influence policy'

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague denies policy committee Credit: Reuters/Remo Casilli

William Hague has told ITV1's The Agenda that donors do not influence him on his foreign policies. Mr Hague said that "if anyone ever influences me on any policy it's somebody that I meet at surgery or somebody I meet in Afghanistan or Iraq".

Mr Hague denied the existence of a 'policy committee' and said: "Peter Cruddas resigned because he said some silly things. Things that he acknowledges were not true, that there was a policy committee- there isn't such a committee that donors can feed into".

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