Hague tells ITV1's The Agenda: I have not seen any examples of individual donations changing policy

William Hagues says he has not seen any money being exchanged for special access Credit: Reuters/Luke MacGregor

The Foreign Secretary has discussed cash-for-access on ITV's The Agenda with Tom Bradby. Speaking as one of the guests on the programme to be broadcast at 10.35pm tonight, William Hague was asked what £250,000 buys:

"Hopefully only the satisfaction of supporting a political party. I don't think you'll get much more than that. All the parties have had problems with allegations about funding.

"If there's one reassuring thing that I can say as somebody who's served in two cabinets is if people think that an individual donor, a rich person, can change a policy by giving money to a party - I haven't ever seen on the inside an example of that".