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Dead UK troops to be named

Two British soldiers who were killed in southern Afghanistan by a person wearing an Afghan National Army uniform will be named today.

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Rogue Afghan soldier 'got close' to UK troops before shooting

The Times' Defence Editor (£) Deborah Haynes, who is in Lashkar Gah, has interviewed people about the two UK soldiers shot dead by a rogue Afghan soldier.

He got close to the foreign troops — three or four metres — and he opened fire. Then the foreign troops killed him.”

– Ghulam Farooq Parwani, local Afghan commander

The point of these attacks is to put a wedge between the ANA [Afghan National Army] and Isaf and in our case the advisers."

– Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Wright

The Afghan people have had 30 years of war. Some of the new generation is crazy [as a result].”

– Matiullah, 24, one of the new recruits

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