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Clashes on Falklands anniversary

There have been clashes outside the British embassy in the Argentine capital after the country's president attacked Britain's "unjust" claim to the Falklands, calling it a "colonial enclave" on the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the war.

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Hammond dismisses claim Britain couldn't protect Falklands

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has dismissed claims Britain would not be able to defend the Falklands because of diminished aircraft carrier capabilities.

Mr Hammond said: "We are very clear that our position in relation to the Falklands is that we will be robust in defence of the Falkland Islands but we do not intend to repeat the mistake of 1982 and allow the Falklands to be taken from us.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has dismissed claims Britain could not protect the Falklands. Credit: Reuters

"We will defend them robustly, we have the assets, the people, the equipment in place to do so. Despite the rhetoric of the media, there is no evidence at all of any military intention by Argentina nor any military capability by Argentina to attempt to retake the Falkland Islands."

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