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'9/11 plotters' charged

The man accused of being the mastermind behind 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and four suspected co-conspirators have been charged by the US. They will go on trial before a Guantanamo war crimes tribunal and could face the death penalty.

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Who are the accused 9/11 plotters?

  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - Accused of planning the Sep 11 attacks and training the hijackers. Said in previous court hearing he wanted to plead guilty and would welcome martyrdom.
  • Walid bin Attash - Accused of running an al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan where he trained two of the Sep 11 hijackers.
  • Ramzi Binalshibh - One-time roommate of suspected Sep 11 hijack ringleader Mohamed Atta in Hamburg, Germany. Accused of serving as a link between al-Qaeda leaders and the hijackers.
  • Ali Abdul Aziz Ali - Accused of transferring money to US-based operatives and assisting nine hijackers on their way from Pakistan to US.
  • Mustafa Ahmed al Hawsawi - Accused of providing the hijackers with money, Western clothing, travelers' checks and credit cards.

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