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Teachers vote for strikes

The National Union of Teachers has passed a resolution calling for fresh walkouts over the Government's changes to public sector pensions. The NUT has released a survey which shows that two in five teachers have low or very low morale.

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Teachers to strike over academy status row

Teachers at a school resisting academy status are set to go on strike. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) said it is to ballot members at Downhills Primary School in Haringey, north London, for action this summer.

The dispute is over potential changes to staff pay and conditions if the school does become an academy. NUT deputy general secretary Kevin Courtney said:

Where academy conversions are threatened we do, from time to time, agree to ballot our members for a trade dispute against the change in employer because of the threat to pay and conditions that's implied by the change in employer.

"It is not a ballot for strike action against the Government's policy of forced academies. It's about a ballot for strike action about the change of employer that the forced academies leads to."

– Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary, National Union of Teachers

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