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Riots arsonist jailed for 11 yrs

A looter who has admitted starting a massive fire that destroyed a 140-year-old furniture shop in Croydon during last summer's riots has been jailed for 11 and a half years.

Gordon Thompson pleaded guilty to arson and burglary.

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Riots arsonist caught on camera before devastating blaze

Photographs have emerged of convicted arsonist Gordon Thompson, looting in London ahead of the massive Croydon blaze that destroyed 140-year-old furniture store, House of Reeves.

Gordon Thompson captured looting during last summer's London riots. Credit: ITV News

Thompson brazenly posed for a photographer during the crime spree and ended up on the front page of a local newspaper. The 34-year-old was jailed at the Old Bailey and will serve 11-and-a-half-years for arson and burglary.

Thompson caught on camera looting in the streets of London before the Croydon blaze. Credit: ITV News

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