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Patients 'unfairly' discharged

The NHS has said "it is simply not fair to be sending people home late at night" after revelations that 8000 patients a week, some elderly and vulnerable, are being sent home from hospital in the middle of the night to relieve pressure on beds.

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Labour: Overnight discharges are 'unfair'

This news is yet another sign of an NHS in increasing distress. In 13 out of the last 15 weeks, the NHS has failed to meet the Government's lowered A&E target. It is clear that hospitals aren't coping with the pressure they are under and the failure to treat older people properly is a symptom of this.

The Tory-led Government promised patients there would be "no decision about me, without me". This unfair practice is in danger of making a mockery of that principle. He needs to explain what he will do to bring an end to it.

– Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham MP

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