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Injuries after Gatwick landing

All flights in and out of Gatwick were suspended earlier after a plane made an emergency landing following a technical fault. Runways have since reopened but passengers should expect 'knock-on disruptions'. 15 people have been treated in hospital.

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Virgin apologises to passengers after emergency landing

Virgin Atlantic have issued a new statement on the welfare on the passengers involved in the emergency landing at Gatwick today:

Our number one priority in this incident is the welfare of our passengers. We have spent all day assisting in every way that we can including accompanying customers to hospital, arranging care and overnight accommodation.

We understand that 14 passengers have attended hospital for a variety of injuries and we are keeping informed of their situation.

We will do everything we can to meet their needs and support them at this time.

We cannot comment on individual claims of the situation on board but we are confident that the crew executed the emergency procedures to very high standard.

In these incidents crew are highly trained and part of this training is to speak very loudly and shout instructions on evacuation.

We apologise to all of those customers that have suffered a very difficult experience – we are working around the clock to ensure that best possible care for everyone involved.

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