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Fracking 'should resume'

A controversial gas drilling technique which was stopped after triggering earthquakes near Blackpool is likely to be re-started - but with rigorous controls.

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The facts on earthquakes in the UK

Large earthquakes are extremely rare in the UK, but not unknown. The British Geological Society has produced this interactive timeline. Here are some facts about earthquakes in the UK:

  • The largest earthquake on record was in 1931 and had a magnitude of 6.1
  • 20 to 30 earthquakes are felt by people each year
  • Magnitude 4 earthquake happen roughly every two years
  • Research suggests magnitude 6.5 is biggest earthquake possible
  • The most damaging earthquake was in the Colchester area in 1884. 1,200 buildings suffered damage.
  • To put it into perspective, Japan's recent tsunami was caused by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake

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