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Straw sued over rendition case

Libyan military commander Abdel Hakim Belhadj is taking legal action against the former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw following over claims that he sanctioned his illegal rendition.

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Belhadj wants an apology

The lawyers of Abdel Hakim Belhadj have said the reason he is taking legal action against former foreign Secretary Jack Straw is to seek an apology for what took place and "for the truth to be known."

Sapna Malik, parter at Leigh Day & Co said:

We have said all along that liability must follow the chain of command. These latest revelations bring us closer to that goal. If the former Foreign Secretary does not now own up to his role in this extraordinary affair, he will need to face the prospect of trying to defend his position in court.

– Sapna Malik, partner at Leigh Day & Co, representing Mr Al Saadi and Mr Belhadj

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