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Straw sued over rendition case

Libyan military commander Abdel Hakim Belhadj is taking legal action against the former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw following over claims that he sanctioned his illegal rendition.

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Straw 'must come clean' to families of Libyan rebels

Cori Crider, the legal director of Reprieve, said the public had the right to know how and why the government became complicit in the rendition of families, including children and a pregnant women, to Libya.

Jack Straw must come clean with Mr Belhadj, Mr al Saadi and their families. They deserve an apology for the appalling way they were treated.

It is now also totally unreasonable for the Government 'neither to confirm nor deny' its role in the al Saadi and Belhadj renditions. Yet this is their official position. What is left to be covered up, besides the reasons these terrible mistakes were made? The case needs to be fully examined - in the open.

– Cori Crider, legal director of Reprieve

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