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Aspirin 'can cut cancer death'

New research shows that aspirin can reduce the chances of dying from bowel cancer by almost a third. Patients who took aspirin for at least nine months after diagnosis were 30% less likely to die from the disease.

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Elderly could benefit from taking aspirin for cancer

Patients too old or too unwell to have chemotherapy could benefit from taking aspirin to treat bowel cancer, according to researchers at the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

The team is planning a randomised controlled trial later this year targeting the over-70s population.

"Our findings could have profound clinical implications. We showed the therapeutic effect of a widely available, familiar drug that costs mere pennies per day.

"It's possible that some older people may have other health problems which mean that they are not well enough to have chemotherapy.

"Bowel cancer is more common in older people so these results could be a big advance in treatment of the disease, particularly in this group."

– Lead researcher Dr Gerrit-Jan Liefers

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