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Council 'rich list' revealed

More than 3,000 senior council executives took home pay and perk packages in excess of £100,000, according to a new study out today.

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Responses to the Taxpayers' Alliance Rich List report

Councils are committed to providing value for money to taxpayers,which is why they have cut £1.4 billion from the local government pay bill in the past year, with 90% of local authorities slashing senior management costs in the process.

– Local Government Association

In its bid to undermine public trust in public spending and public services, the so-called Taxpayers' Alliance has taken far too simplistic a look at a complex issue.

It is deeply unfair for low-paid council workers to be hit with a three-year pay freeze whilst bosses and senior managers see their pay rise by up to 50%.

Two-thirds of local government workers earn less than £21,000 and are struggling as three years of frozen pay hits hard. This unjust pay policy has to end - local government workers and their families cannot take any more.

– Heather Wakefield, Unison's head of local government

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