Marine Le Pen supporters rally in Paris

National Front supporters in Paris Credit: James Mates/ITV News

Supporters of Marine Le Pen's National front party are rallying in the streets of Paris.

The far-right party picked up 18% of votes in the first round of France's general election.

Whilst not enough to give Le Pen a serious chance of the winning the election, it has bestowed "kingmaker" status on her as the two leading candidates - Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande - vie for the votes of her supporters.

Young supporters of the far-right leader Marine Le Pen Credit: James Mates/ITV News

Le Pen has promised to pass judgement on the second round of the election at her traditional May Day rally at the statue of Joan of Arc in Paris later today.

She is expected to call on supporters to abstain from voting rather than endorsing either of her political rivals.