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Anger at Argentina Olympics ad

Argentina's controversial advert of an Olympic hopeful training on the Falkland Islands has been criticised by Foreign Secretary William Hague.

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Defence Secretary: Falklands ad 'breach of one of the fundamental principles of the Olympics'

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has given his reaction to Argentina's Olympics advert filmed on the Falkland Islands.

He told Sky News' Boulton & Co:

"I think it's tasteless, it's provocative and very insulting to the many British soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave their lives protecting the Falkland Islands.

"I also think it's a breach of one of the fundamental principles of the Olympics: that politics is set aside, that nobody should exploit the Olympic logo, the Olympic message, for political purposes.

"I hope the International Olympic Committee will be looking at that."

– Defence Secretary Philip Hammond

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