Liberal Democrats' Simon Hughes: some Tories think they are 'born to rule'

Liberal Democrats deputy leader Simon Hughes who has hit out at Tory MPs - accusing them of acting as if they were "born to rule" Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

The Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes has accused Tory MPs of behaving as if they were "born to rule".

Mr Hughes told the BBC Radio 4's The World at One that said the Conservatives must stick by their agreements and not act like they have a majority.

He said: "I know that Tories would have liked to have won the general election, but they didn't. They didn't get a majority and they haven't had a majority for many elections.

"It may be uncomfortable for the Tories – some of whom think they are born to rule – but unfortunately the electorate didn't agree with them."

His comments follows Tory demands for plans to reform the House of Lords to be dropped from the Queen's speech.