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Queen sets out Govt policies

The Queen's Speech has set out the Government's plans for legislation for the year. It has focused on economic growth and a number of 'family-friendly' policies.

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FSB welcomes introduction of Grocery Code Adjudicator

The Federation of Small Businesses has welcomed the Government's plan to introduce an independent adjudicator to ensure supermarkets deal fairly and lawfully with suppliers.

John Walker, National Chairman, said:

“The introduction of a Grocery Code Adjudicator should help provided it is given the power to impose significant financial penalties on offenders. In addition, it should be able to ‘name and shame’ offenders given that in many instances, the financial clout of large supermarket chains would allow them to pay any fines with ease.

“The Adjudicator’s remit also needs to go further than watching direct suppliers’ relationships with supermarkets. It should have some power over indirect suppliers’ relationships with supermarkets. Very few farmers deal directly with supermarkets so if the code is to protect them too, it needs to cover indirect supply as well.

– John Walker, National Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses

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