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Prison officers end walkout

Prison officers across England, Scotland and Wales are returning to work after their walkout over changes to their retirement age. The Government had described the action as "unlawful."

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Prison officers hold protest meetings on pension strikes

Prison Officers across England, Wales and Scotland are holding 'protest meetings' against Government plans to link the normal pension age to the state pension age.

Protest action has been sanctioned by the National Executive Committee commencing at 07.00 hours, until the Executive direct otherwise.

The POA has submitted a case to Government to support our view that it is unrealistic for prisonofficers to be automatically linked to the state pension age, which willultimately rise to 68 years of age.

Unfortunately, it has fallen on deaf ears and prison officers have no other option but to protest to gain public attention.

– Steve Gillan, general secretary of the Prison Officers Association

While the POA chairman PJ McParlin reiterated:

We are an essential uniformed service in a volatile operational workplace. A pension age of 68 is unacceptable to this trade union. We will protect our pensions. We have a right to retire from service not to die in service.

– PJ McParlin, Chairman of the Prison Officers Association

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