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Clegg: Eurozone 'risks extremism'

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has criticised the lack of leadership on the eurozone crisis, raising fears of a rise in extremism and civil unrest unless it was addressed.

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Miliband: We need a plan for growth in Europe

The real problem for Europe is not just that the debts need to be paid but we need a proper plan for growth. What's happened is German Chancellor Angela Merkel and David Cameron are sticking to their position and saying we're not for growth and that it's not the big priority.

And then you have President Obama and President Hollande who are actually saying we need a different approach. I think there's a divide between people who want to keep the same approach of the last two years and those who want to do something different.

We need a proper plan for jobs and growth both at home and in Europe.

– Ed Miliband, Labour leader

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