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New anti-social behaviour orders

The Home Secretary Theresa May will announce plans to replace ASBOs with a 'community trigger' to help tackle anti-social behaviour in England and Wales. She claims they will be simpler and more effective than current powers for tackling problems.

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Labour: New anti-social laws 'a weak rebrand'

The Government are weakening the powers police have to tackle antisocial behaviour. These measures are a weak rebrand, with a breach of the order not even resulting in a criminal record and the police having to fund these civil proceedings in the first place.

And people will be bemused that it will take 3 separate complaints, or 5 different households, before getting a response. All complaints should be dealt with, and quickly. People suffering from antisocial behaviour don't want to wait for the Government's proposed slow trigger.

– Gloria De Piero MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Office Minister

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