Reports: Low turnout in Egyptian elections

Early reports suggest that voter turnout is not as high as it was during the Egyptian parliamentary elections in November 2011, although it is a mixed picture across the country.

People are speculating on Twitter about why this may be, with some suggesting that the absence of the threat of fines or the weather could be a factor.


The complete lack of lines in front of poll stations makes me wonder if the long lines for parliament elections were due to threat of fines


I am reading contradicting reports on turnout in Egypt's presidential elections. #EgyElections


Many people didn't vote today to avoid the crowds and scorching heat. I think the turnout will increase at night and tomorrow #Egyelections


Egyptian presidential election

Polls have reopened in Egypt in the first democratic presidential election in the country's history. The country has been under military rule since Hosni Mubarak was ousted from power during the Arab Spring last year.