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Shafilea Ahmed murder trial

A woman whose parents are on trial accused of murdering her sister is continuing to be cross-examined. Yesterday she described letters detailing the alleged killing as "fiction." Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed deny killing their daughter Shafilea in 2003

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  1. Emma Murphy

Sister describes how relationship with her family broke down

Giving evidence about the family situation in the run up to the robbery Ms Ahmed said:

I felt I was going down the same path as my sister Shafilea had in terms of going to Pakistan, to be married, it was a lot of pressure. Pressure from my parents with suitors being brought to the house.

Ms Ahmed told how she turned down marriage to one man from Bradford whose family visited the home. She said she knew little about the man apart from her potential suitor had seen her at a wedding. She said she did not want to get married at that time.

I don't even know the person so I wasn't happy with it.

Once she turned down the proposal the family began to talk of Pakistan. She said: "Constantly I was told to go to Pakistan it was just absolutely constant." She said as a result her relationship with her family completely broke down.

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