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Shafilea Ahmed murder trial

A woman whose parents are on trial accused of murdering her sister is continuing to be cross-examined. Yesterday she described letters detailing the alleged killing as "fiction." Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed deny killing their daughter Shafilea in 2003

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  1. Emma Murphy

Sister: 'It had haunted me for a long time what happened to Shafilea'

Closing his questioning Andrew Edis QC asked: "Why did you keep silent for all those years?"

It wasn't until I went to uni that I saw how wrong family life is. When you get used to something it seems normal. That's when I saw it wasn't normal.

I knew what had happened to my sister was wrong but because it's your own parents you don't see how bad it is because you still love them.

I think I felt like my sister in that I did want to fit in with everyone else but you're being forced to live in a different way, that's what made me crack.

Asked if she was a practising Muslim during university she said she wasn't initially but was by the end. Describing her lifestyle as a student she said she was "just like a western student".

In a final question Andrew Edis QC asked what made you speak out?

I think I'd just had enough. My mental state wasn't very good being between the two cultures, trying to please everyone, it just wasn't me anymore.

I was doing things out of character, turning to drink at university and the robbery I committed. I wasn't being myself. I just had to let it out. It had haunted me for a long time what happened to my sister.

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