The Bali prison awaiting British drug-smuggling suspects

Prisoners at Kerobokan jail are reportedly held in squalid conditions Credit: ITV News

ITV News correspondent Angus Walker has posted images of the notorious Indonesian jail where four Britons accused of smuggling cocaine are likely to be held.

Bali's Kerobokan prison, described as "inhumane and overcrowded" by its own governor, is where most drug smugglers in the country are locked up.

British housewife Lindsay Sandiford, 55, was allegedly caught with 4.8kg of cocaine stuffed in the lining of a suitcase as she arrived in Bali on 19 May.

Three more British suspects, Julian Ponder, Rachel Dougall and Paul Beales, were then arrested in connection with the £1.6 million haul, along with an Indian man.

Foreign prisoners were recently evacuated from Kerobokan following rioting Credit: ITV News

Indonesia has some of the toughest anti-drugs laws in the world and the suspects could face the death penalty if convicted.

They are likely to be held at Kerobokan prison after the police investigation ends within an estimated three months, reported ITV News' Walker.