Bali drugs suspect: 'I have been set up'

Rachel Dougall, the 38-year-old Brighton woman arrested in Bali on suspicion of drugs trafficking, claims she has been "set-up" by Lindsay Sandiford, the 55 year-old woman caught last month at Bali's airport with cocaine worth £1.6 million in her suitcase.

I have been set up, by this woman Lindsay I just don't believe what they are saying; that I could be apart from my baby for a long time.

I am hallucinating, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I am losing my marbles.

Dougall had been preparing for her daughter's birthday when Indonesian detectives arrived to search her home. Police found two packets of cigarettes containing cocaine; one in her handbag and one in her daughter's bedroom.

I keep thinking I am at the party. Our friends are around and our daughter is smiling and happy. The last time I saw her she was screaming and crying, she wanted her Mummy.

I had nothing to do with this, it is a set up. The two Marlboro packets with coke appeared. One in my bag, which was in Kitty's room. As if I would have that in my daughter's room? It wasn't mine