1. Tim Ewart

Parking notice hints at longer stay in hospital for Prince Philip

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry were the first Royal visitors the Duke of Edinburgh has had for 48 hours. Two days ago we saw the Queen and Prince Andrew here.

Prince Andrew had a word with the assembled reporters as he left but today William and Harry took the inevitable shout in questions: "How is your grandfather? How is the Duke?" and so forth. I'm afraid there wasn't anything to say.

The last guidance we have had on the Duke's condition came from Prince Andrew who said he was mending very well.

We have heard absolutely nothing about his condition since except a suggestion that he may stay in hospital a bit longer than we had expected.

In the way that these things work they have extended the parking regulations here until Monday. Normally, you can park here. It's blocked off at the moment. That literally is the only sign that we have had.

Obviously the duke of Edinburgh wants to get home for his birthday on Sunday and I'm sure that he is certainly hoping that he will be allowed to do so.