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Education boosts UK's coffers

Educating youngsters to A-level and degree standard boosts the UK's coffers by tens of thousands of pounds per student, new research shows.

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Personal financial benefits from higher education

A study conducted by the Institute for Public Policy Research, also found that there are still great personal benefits from gaining higher level qualifications.

A graduate can expect to earn £98,000 more over a lifetime compared to someone with two or more A-levels - known as a "graduate premium".

After tuition fees treble to a maximum of £9,000 this autumn, this premium will fall slightly, although a graduate will still earn between £79,500 and £86,000 more over a working lifetime, depending on the level of fees they paid.

We have seen that the attainment of higher-level qualifications provides a significant boost to the UK economy, with the Exchequer gaining an additional £180,000 from a graduate over their working lifetime compared to an individual with A-levels.

– The Institute for Public Policy Research study

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