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'Neglect' over TB death

Neglect contributed to the death of a 15-year-old girl who died of tuberculosis despite being seen by health professionals, a coroner ruled today. Alina Sarag died at Birmingham children's hospital after visits to her doctor and four hospitals.

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  1. Rupert Evelyn: ITV News correspondent

Coroner: 'Gross failure' not to refer Alina for TB tests

The coroner said that it was an 'inescapable fact' that the GP knew of the tuberculosis that Alina had originally contracted in 2009 but he said that neither GP considered the possibility of 'latent TB' becoming active.

He said it was a 'gross failure' not to refer Alina for tests for TB.

As a result, he said, Alina died of natural causes of which neglect was a factor.

Prior to today's verdict, Alina's father spoke of what it was like to see his daughter in the final days and hours before her death:

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