Greek vote likely to result in coalition

Opinion polls indicate seven parties will likely enter Greece's Parliament after today's election. Here are the main candidates who would stand a chance of being party of any resulting coalition:

  • Antonis Samaras, New Democracy - US-educated economist promises to keep Greece in Eurozone
  • Alexis Tsipras, Syriza - Student activist running on an anti-austerity ticket
  • Evangelos Venizelos, PASOK - Negotiated Greece's second bailout as Finance Minister. PASOK lost out in the last election.
  • Panos Kammenos, Independent Greeks - Nationalist party candidate claims to be pro-European but opposes the bailout agreement.
  • Aleka Papariga, Greek Communist Party - hardline Communist wants Greece to leave EU and eurozone and unilaterally write off all its debts.
  • Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Golden Dawn - Extreme right-wing party rejects neo-Nazi label often given to it. Spokesman attacked member of rival party on live TV.
  • Fotis Kouvelis, Democratic Left - Head the moderate leftist party seen as a potential kingmaker in any coalition.


New Greek PM sworn in

The leader of Greece's conservative New Democracy party, which narrowly won Sunday's election, has been sworn in as Prime Minister after agreeing a coalition government with parties on the left.