Greek vote likely to result in coalition

Opinion polls indicate seven parties will likely enter Greece's Parliament after today's election. Here are the main candidates who would stand a chance of being party of any resulting coalition:

  • Antonis Samaras, New Democracy - US-educated economist promises to keep Greece in Eurozone
  • Alexis Tsipras, Syriza - Student activist running on an anti-austerity ticket
  • Evangelos Venizelos, PASOK - Negotiated Greece's second bailout as Finance Minister. PASOK lost out in the last election.
  • Panos Kammenos, Independent Greeks - Nationalist party candidate claims to be pro-European but opposes the bailout agreement.
  • Aleka Papariga, Greek Communist Party - hardline Communist wants Greece to leave EU and eurozone and unilaterally write off all its debts.
  • Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Golden Dawn - Extreme right-wing party rejects neo-Nazi label often given to it. Spokesman attacked member of rival party on live TV.
  • Fotis Kouvelis, Democratic Left - Head the moderate leftist party seen as a potential kingmaker in any coalition.