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UK warning over Africa hunger

Britain will provide a further £5.4 million of funding to help 200,000 people suffering from the food crisis in West Africa, the Government has announced.

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'Britain will not sit back while children starve to death'

Stephen O’Brien recently became the first Coalition minister to visit Niger and he saw how British aid is helping thousands of people survive the food crisis in West Africa.

What I saw in Niger was the very real human face of this terrible food crisis.

Britain will not sit back while children starve to death in the Sahel and the feeding centres I visited prove how our swift and early action is saving lives.

Some very dedicated people are doing vital work to help those who are suffering through no fault of their own.

Building on the work done in the last few months and the lessons learned from previous food and nutrition crises, I am confident that our intervention is extraordinarily effective.

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