Ukrainian politician calls for England match to be annulled

Ukrainian politicians have given a mixed response to the England defeat last night, with Prime Minister Mykola Azarov saying the country "should not make a tragedy" out of the result while a parliament deputy urged for the match to be annulled.

John Terry clears but television replays showed that the ball had crossed the line. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Mr Azarov said: "They tried to seize the victory until the last moment. But sports is sports and, like life, it has everything - luck, randomness, mistakes and unfairness. One should not make a tragedy out of that."

However, one parliament deputy, Yuri Karmazin from opposition party Our Ukraine - People's Self-defence, cried foul over the England game. "This was fraud on a European scale (carried out) under the English flag. Annul yesterday's game urgently because it was unfair," he said.