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Wales would 'resist' move to introduce regional benefit rates

The Prime Minister is considering a proposal to introduce regional welfare levels - so that people in areas where pay is lower also receive lower benefits.

David Cameron's official spokesman briefed reporters on the idea before it was removed from the final text of his speech on welfare earlier today.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said:

“There appears to be a greatdeal of confusion surrounding the Prime Minister's proposal.

“However, should any attempt bemade to introduce regional rates of benefits, we will resist such a move. Waleswill be hit disproportionately compared to many other parts of the UK by thewelfare reforms already proposed by the UK Government. Any attempt to introduceregional benefits will just make matters worse.

“With prices in many areas ofWales being much higher than in other parts of the UK, the imposition of aregional benefit regime would simply compound the problem."

– Welsh Government spokesperson

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