The 'Troubles' in numbers

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will make a historic visit to Northern Ireland today. Tomorrow the Queen will meet and shake hands with former IRA commander Martin McGuinness.

The so-called 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland lasted from 1969 until the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, though sectarian violence continued sporadically after this date.

Between 1969 and 2010 a total of 3,568 people died in the 'Troubles'. The majority of the victims were civilians from Northern Ireland, but attacks took place across the UK and republic of Ireland.

  • 1,879 civilians were murdered
  • 1,117 members of the British security forces were killed
  • 399 members of the Republican paramilitary forces died
  • 162 members of the Loyalist paramilitary forces died
  • 11 members of the Irish security forces were killed


Queen meets Martin McGuinness

The Queen today has met the Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland and former IRA member Martin McGuinness in a historic meeting at a Belfast theatre.