Nadine Dorries attacks Osborne over junior minister's Newsnight appearance

Economic Secretary Chloe Smith faced a difficult round of interviews as she attempted to explain the decision to scrap a planned fuel duty increase on BBC's Newsnight.

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has blamed the Chancellor George Osborne for what is being regarded as a very poor performance by the junior minister.


I was at a dinner last night so didn't see Newsnight, however, if Osborne sent Chloe on re scrapping 3p he is a coward as well as arrogant.


Newsnight last night would have been a tough gig for a Minister with years of experience - Chloe is a good egg and didn't deserve that.


The submarine Chancellor sacrifices another Minister whilst he slips under the surface...again.

Asked whether Ms Dorries would be disciplined for her attack on Mr Osborne, a source close to the Prime Minister said: "Nadine is Nadine, isn't she? What can you do?"


Fuel duty increase cancelled

The Chancellor has scrapped August's planned 3p rise in fuel duty and frozen the tax for the rest of this year. The £550m cost of the change will be paid for by departmental savings across Whitehall.