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Brits arrested abroad increase

The number of Brits arrested abroad is "on the increase" according to official figures released today. The Foreign Office last year handled more than 6,000 cases of Brits arrested abroad: up 6% from last year.

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Brits abroad 'most likely to get arrested in Spain'

  • The figures, which include holidaymakers and Britons resident overseas, showed the highest number of arrests and detentions was in Spain (1,909) followed by the USA (1,305).
  • Spanish arrests rose 9% in 2011/12, while the USA was up 3%.
  • The most arrests of Britons for drugs was in the USA (147), followed by Spain (141).
  • The highest percentage of arrests for drugs in 2011/12 was in Peru where there were only 17 arrests in total, although 15 were for drugs.

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