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Brits arrested abroad increase

The number of Brits arrested abroad is "on the increase" according to official figures released today. The Foreign Office last year handled more than 6,000 cases of Brits arrested abroad: up 6% from last year.

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Young Brits arrested abroad 'face lengthy prison sentences'

All too often young people think they'll spend the night in a cell sleeping off their hangover before being let out in the morning.

"They soon sober up when they realise their British passport does not grant them immunity and they're alone in a foreign prison cell.

"Its particularly sad to see younger people throwing away years of their lives, often as a result of a risky decision made in the heat of the moment and after a few too many drinks.

"Not only can you end up with a criminal record but the effects on your family can be devastating."

– David Thomas, Consular Regional Director, Spain

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